Butterfly Nannies Babysitting rates


Butterfly Nannies London babysitting rates are very competitive and our policy is not to take a percentage from the babysitters wage. At the end of the evening your babysitter will expect the parent to pay them for the hours they have worked, rounded up to the next quarter of an hour.

The following rates of pay are currently recommended for all types of babysitting in your home, these rates are inclusive of any traveling costs. To ensure it is worth your babysitters’ time so that they are willing to return to your family we also recommend that babysitters are paid for a minimum of 3 hours on each booking. Below is a list of our competitive babysitter rates.



Daytime babysitting rates

Up until 6pm

Monday – Saturday £9.00

Sunday £10.00

Evening babysitting rates

After 6pm

Monday – Friday £7.90

Saturday £8.00

Sunday £10.00


Babysitting Rates

There are higher babysitter rates of pay and booking fees for:


* Valentines, Christmas and New Years Eve

* Hotel babysitting booking.

* The Babysitting booking starts before 6pm.

* If there is more than two children.

* Last minute babysitting bookings made with less than 24 hours notice.

* Bookings or more than 6 hours.

* Unsociable hours.



One-off  Babysitting fee £13.00

There is a minimum booking period of 3 hours which we ask you pay the babysitters for.

The child carer rates will be £7.90per hour (after 6pm Mon-Fri) and £8.00 per hour for Saturday and daytime bookings. Sunday bookings £10 per hour . The booking fee will be £4.50 (£8 for last minute bookings).

Memberships will remain unchanged.




*All pricing & context are subject to change without prior notice*