Butterfly Nannies Babysitting Membership

Butterfly Nannies Babysitting Membership. Parents can use the membership babysitting service as an easy way to join. The babysitter membership provides parents the option of choosing the best available babysitter of their choice. If the sitter you request isn’t available there will always be other sitters which match the quality of your needs. The membership allows Butterfly Nannies to obtain all important babysitting information from our clients in order to find the most suitable babysitter.

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What does the Babysitting Membership consist of?

The babysitting membership is a contract between the client and Butterfly Nannies babysitting agency. The membership once agreed has a term of 3 months.

Can I pay for a 6 month or yearly membership?

Yes you can pay for a 6 month or yearly babysitting membership, we would offer you a discounted membership for babysitting.

What happens once the Babysitting Membership has expired?

On its expiry the membership for babysitting will renew automatically unless the member confirms with Butterfly Nannies they want to terminate the membership.

Who can use the Babysitting Membership?

The parents of the children are the only persons who can use the membership.

Parents can join Butterfly Nannies babysitter membership here

Please see below babysitting membership form. Once completed you will become part of a fantastic babysitter service. If you want to discuss further about your membership, babysitting or about the qualities you require from our babysitter feel free to contact:

Tel: 020 3177 3015

Tel: 08431226494

Please only enter your main home address. If you require a booking at a temporary address, for example a hotel, please phone Butterfly Nannies on:+44 (0) 203 177 3015 thank you.

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