Babysitting Fees

Butterfly Nannies try to ensure our fees are very competitive which are made up of babysitting membership and babysitter booking fees. Butterfly Nannies will provide your family with experienced babysitters for just £10.00 per quarter, renew your babysitting membership for three quarters and Butterfly Nannies will give you the fourth quarter for FREE. Each time a babysitter is required we charge a babysitting booking fee of usually £4.00 Butterfly Nannies also provides a one off  babysitting service for a £13 booking fee plus normal babysitter rate.

To book a babysitter with Butterfly Nannies you will need to have registered with us and where appropriate paid the babysitting registration fee. Once you have registered a babysitter can be booked by using the 24 hour online booking form or calling our office on: 0203 177 3015 Mon to Sat 8am till 9pm. Once your booking has been confirmed you will then receive text.

The Employer pays a Babysitting membership subscription of £10.00 per quarter, in return the Employer is permitted to book BabysitterEmployees on Butterfly Nannies’ Register to work for the employer.

Fees for different types of babysitting;

  • Evening babysitting fees (starting after 6pm at home address) – £4.00
  • Fees for Short notice babysitting (bookings with less than a day’s notice) – £8.00
  • Babysitting fees for starting before 6pm which include an element of daycare – £6.
  • Fees for Sunday Babysitting – £9,
  • For temporary residence’s – £10.
  • For unusual babysitting bookings of more than 6 hours – the higher of £10 or 10% of the babysitters’ recommended gross pay.
  • One off babysitting fees- £13 – Please note: for one off bookings of more than 6 hours – The fee may vary

A booking is defined as a scheduled start and finish time within a 24 hour period. On each booking Butterfly Nannies charges a babysitting booking fee for finding a babysitter Employee for the Employer. A babysitting booking fee falls due once the booking has been filled and the name of the babysitter is confirmed to the parent.


Babysitting booking and membership fees are inclusive of VAT at 20%.

The employer may cancel their babysitting membership with Butterfly Nannies at any time without penalty via email or post.